As a professional, you should know that writing engaging and informative articles can help drive traffic to your client`s website. One evergreen topic that can attract readers is the list of countries the United States has trade agreements with.

Trade agreements are important because they dictate the terms and conditions of the trade relationship between two or more nations. These agreements can govern a wide range of areas, including tariffs, quotas, intellectual property, labor standards, and environmental regulations.

Moreover, trade agreements can have a significant impact on businesses, industries, and consumers. Opening up new markets, lowering barriers to trade, and reducing costs can lead to increased competitiveness, job creation, and economic growth.

So, without further ado, here`s a list of countries the US has trade agreements with:

North America:

– Canada (USMCA)

– Mexico (USMCA)

South America:

– Chile (FTA)

– Colombia (FTA)

– Panama (FTA)

– Peru (FTA)


– Australia (FTA)

– Brunei (TPP)

– Japan (TPP)

– Malaysia (TPP)

– New Zealand (FTA)

– Singapore (FTA)

– South Korea (KORUS)

– Vietnam (TPP)


– Israel (FTA)

– Jordan (FTA)

– Morocco (FTA)


– Angola (AGOA)

– Mauritius (AGOA)

– South Africa (AGOA)

As you can see, the US has a diverse range of trade partners across the globe. Some of these agreements are bilateral, while others are regional or multilateral. Some are recent, while others have been in place for decades.

It`s worth noting that trade agreements can be controversial and subject to debate. Some argue that they can lead to job losses, wage stagnation, and environmental degradation. Others argue that they can benefit consumers, workers, and small businesses.

As a professional, you should strive to present a balanced and accurate list of countries the US has trade agreements with. You can also provide context and analysis to help readers make sense of the complex world of international trade. By doing so, you can help your client`s website attract more visitors and establish itself as a trusted source of information.